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Living the life of your dreams is not just for other people. It's for you.


Living the life of your dreams is not just for other people. It's for you.

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I’m Paula Haubrich, and I’m a Success and Leadership Coach, but I am also just like you. 

When I became a Mom, I was consumed by the tiny human that made my world burst with joy at every burp, cough, giggle and snuggle.

And just like that. POOF! I lost the Paula who was focused on herself and her career, and became Paula, the doting Mom.

Not that there was anything wrong with becoming a doting Mom, but it wasn't all I wanted to be. 

Can you relate? Do you feel like You're lost in the mix of motherhood and trying to find your way in your career? 

The changes were swift and sneaky. Suddenly I was overcome by the joy that this little being brought into my life and I didn't even notice that all of my thoughts and feelings revolved around him. When I went back to work I was excited for a rewarding career, but quickly became one tapped out cranky lady by the end of the day that the moments of joy were few and far between. Mom guilt is the real deal, my friends. And it has the power to take out every single ounce of enjoyment you might find in the present moment.

Something had to give.

After 1.5 years of working full-time and running around like a crazy person, overwhelmed by all of the "I have to do this" and "I should do that", I realized I was living with terrible anxiety and depression. I briefly tried to patch up my pain with anti-depressants but became aware that this was more about changing my life than it was medicating my mind. This Mom of young kids 'Phase' that people told me I had to tough out was not serving my mind, body or soul, and I knew there was something greater that I could be experiencing.

At the time I knew I didn't feel good about myself, and I thought that losing weight and getting in better shape would change everything. Although I felt healthier, I realized that this change had nothing to do with physical appearance - I still craved joy and contentment in my life, and my smaller stature it didn't make balancing parenting and my career any easier. (Read More...)

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It's time to feel like you again

It's time to feel like you again

Finally, after all of those unsuccessful quick-fixes and attempts at things that looked like they worked for other people, I decided to finally REALLY start listening to myself, and do the things that I wanted to and that would bring me joy.

This all started with me being clear on my “why”.

I realized my “why” wasn’t to be thinner or someone that others would perceive as successful. I thought that being healthier would give me more energy, make me happier and more confident, and that it would help me a become a better mom, sister, employee etc.--but although it helped, it wasn’t the whole answer.

I continued my search.

It was then that I discovered coaching through a few fateful circumstances that were meant to be - someone added me on LinkedIn and I saw she was a coach, and I searched out and had the opportunity to experience coaching and was able to finally get clear on the reason I was put on this planet, and how I wanted to live.

I was put on the earth to help you see the power and possibility in your life. To help you awaken, grow and know that you are more than the voice inside that doesn't serve you. You are the vibrant, positive, and healthy heart inside that is waiting to be activated and thrive.

I support you to reconnect with yourself, your aspirations, the things that bring you joy and fill you up, and take out all of the thoughts, beliefs, blocks and habits that are getting in your way from being the real you.

Have you stopped visioning what is possible in your life? Have you been reacting and responding to what life has been throwing at you for so long that you haven't stopped to think "What do I want"?

You can have it all.

There’s no reason to tolerate and push through life or write yourself off because this part of life is just a "phase" you have to tolerate. 

Coaching can truly create a shift in your heart and mind, and give you an energy, desire and drive that you never knew were there.  

This is for you if you are ready to:

  • Rid yourself of mom guilt once and for all
  • Spend more quality time with your kids
  • Have a thriving and rewarding career that gives you energy and gratitude
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and that inner voice that holds you back and makes you feel crummy
  • Get and stay connected with your partner
  • Feel energized, grateful, and excited for each day
  • Be more patient and calm
  • Stay present in every moment
  • Have more "you" time doing the things you enjoy
  • Live your life with purpose, meaning and happiness
  • Inspire everyone around you
  • Commit to creating and living a life that you love and are meant to live!

It's time to stop being a reactor and getting over the belief that life is happening to you. You are ready to get PROACTIVE, get aligned with that person you are deep inside, and finally feel like the woman who truly has it all. Find out more here about how coaching can benefit you, and book a Free Discovery Call with me.

I will support you to reconnect with that brilliant, powerful woman inside of you, rekindle your vision and passion, and get you taking action instead of REACTION.



"The magic of Paula's coaching is in her confident ability to guide you efficiently to an action plan.  I have moved forward on a very positive work transition that I would have ruminated on for many weeks before taking action without Paula's support.  This clarity and momentum has allowed me to avoid a lot of unnecessary stress.  What a gift!" - Dr. Darlene Ahenakew, ND

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Awaken to your power and possibilities

Awaken to your power and possibilities

This is totally possible for you.

Find out more here about how coaching can benefit you, and book a Free Discovery Call with me.

"I started coaching sessions with Paula shortly after quitting my job to pursue my business full-time. I was excited, but nervous and uncertain about the future. Paula helped me put things in perspective in a way that allowed me to find my own path. She had practical tactics that helped me focus on getting results for my personal and professional life. The coaching sessions were valuable in understanding why certain ambitions were important to me. By doing so, we were able to identify actionable items that would move me forward in accomplishing my goals. By the end of every session, I gained more clarity of mind, focus on intentions, and confidence in pursuing my goals. Having Paula’s guidance during the start of my new adventure was such a blessing – I’m so happy I had the opportunity!" - Mei Shan Wan, Principal, Social Media Marketing